Cinemaware powraca, czyli The King of Chiacago Cinemaware na urządzenia iOS.

The King of Chiacago Cinemaware

The King of Chiacago Cinemaware, czyli legendarny producent gier, Cinemaware oznajmił swój powrót! Fima ta jest odpowiedzialna za stworzenie takich klasyków jak Defender of the Crown,  The King of Chicago, It Came from the Desert czy Wings. Wielu fanów powitało tę decyzję z entuzjazmem. Sa również tacy, którzy obawiają się, że firma zaprezentuje taktykę serwowania wyłącznie odgrzewanych kotletów  starych gier na nowe urządzenia.

Jako pierwsza ma zostać zaprezentowana gra The King of Chicago – Emulated Amiga Version w wersji na iOS.

Legendary game developer, Cinemaware, takes center stage on the gaming landscape once again, announcing one of their classic titles will be coming onto iOS platforms and launching a new, greatly enhanced website for its longtime fans and newcomers alike.

One of Cinemaware’s most popular titles, “The King of Chicago – Emulated Amiga Version” puts you in the war for Al Capone’s throne when it comes to iOS devices in the upcoming weeks. Set in the 1930s, “The King of Chicago” is the original gangster myth game. You’ll be performing drive-by shootings with your Tommy gun, bribing corrupt officials, and carving your way to the top of Chicago’s Mob in order to be included in the formation of a New York crime syndicate. As if that weren’t enough, the player also has to stay one step ahead of the law and keep his girlfriend satisfied by catering to her crazy whims and desires – or risk losing her!

“Lissen up, when youse action and story combine just poifect, somethin’ snazzy happens on the screen,” said Pinky Callahan, mouthpiece for Cinemaware. “Cinemaware pulled the trigger on that stuff back in the 1980s; and it ain’t no different now. People are always yappin’ at us to bring back our games, as we obliged last year with Defender of the Crown – Emulated Amiga Version on iOS.  We’s in the process of releasin’ several classic and new titles in 2012, startin’ with the godfather of games, The King of Chicago – Emulated Amiga Version on iOS. And just a tip between us wiseguys…we changed up “our thing” totally at It’s a hit, if youse catch my drift.”

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The King of Chiacago Cinemaware na Amigę

Gry Cinemaware są uważane za najlepsze gry na Amigę!


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