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This section is dedicated to the homebrew, new Amiga games.

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24/10/2017 – ADF and WHDLoad files are now available to download [thanks to Aladin and VincentGR]


Crazy Priest Title Screen
Crazy Priest Title Screen

Crazy Priest Free Download – New Amiga Games. This section is dedicated to Amiga game, called Crazy Priest. It’s development started in Spring 2015, when Sordan made decision to learn Amos programming language. I (aszu) have joined him, creating graphics and, consequently, this projected evolved into simple game. Shortly afterwards we were able to show first playable demo. At one point a musician (JMD) joined our team and at the Retrokomp/Loaderror 2015 party we have released first official playable demo.

Two years later, and at Retrokomp/Loaderror 2017 party, we have released full game! It has been long time but we have managed to finish it and the game was ranked 3rd in the Game Dev Compo.

There are two modes: single player, consisting of 16 levels and multiplayer (2 players only) with 8 additional levels.


68020+2MB RAM


  • programming: Sordan
  • gfx : aszu
  • msx: JMD

Game is freeware.




If you have any comment or would like to get in touch with us, you can drop me an email –

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First demo version:


Full version:

Single Player ADF

Multi Player ADF

Single Player WHDLoad

Muli Player WHDLoad

Crazy Priest Full Amiga Game




Gameplay demo:

Total Pattern

Total Pattern is a game by Digital Team. The game’s preview had it’s debut at Retrokomp/Loaderror 2015 party. After that djpiotrs was joined by Selur, who created new graphics and Andrzej Drozd, responsible for the great soundtrack. The work continues and the game should be released shortly. Watch this space:)


You can download the current version here:  Total_Pattern.lha

Gameplay demo:


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